F214 PHOTOSYNTHESIS revision checklist

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a.define the terms autotroph and heterotroph;

(b) state that light energy is used during photosynthesis to produce complex organic molecules;

(c) explain how respiration in plants and nimals depends upon the products of photosynthesis;

(d) state that in plants photosynthesis is a twostage process taking place in chloroplasts;

(e) explain, with the aid of diagrams and electron micrographs, how the structure of chloroplasts enables them to carry out their functions;

(f) define the term photosynthetic pigment;

(g) explain the importance of photosynthetic pigments in photosynthesis;

(h) state that the light-dependent stage takes place in thylakoid membranes and that the light-independent stage takes place in the stroma;

(i) outline how light energy is converted to chemical


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