Internal Political Developments

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  • International Political Developments
    • Federal Employee Loyalty Program
      • Helped J Edgar Hoover: it allowed his FBI loyalty boards to investigate government employees to see their background did/didn't surround Communism
    • HUAC
      • Had right to investigate anyone suspected being un-American (mostly Communist)
        • Put people out of their jobs + into jail; as it got a bigger issue, found itself into knowledge of many
    • Hiss Case (Alger Hiss)
      • High-ranking member of US State Dept
      • Said to have been Communist in 1930s by Whittaker Chambers to HUAC
      • Lied about not spying for USSR in court, 1950
        • Spent nearly 5 years in prison as Nixon pursued case after Truman dismissed it
    • Julius & Ethel Rosenbergs
      • 1950: German-born British physicist, Klaus Fuchs, was convicted of passing US + British atomic secrets to USSR
        • Led to suspicians over Rosenbergs
      • March 1951: Trial, all charges dropped
      • June 1953: Executed with flimsy evidence, though more evidence has now been found
        • Coded telegrams were found between Rosenbergs + Soviet agents (1944: beginning, 1955: published)
    • McCarran Act
      • Hiss + Rosenberg Cases helped lead to Internal Security Act of 1950 ('McCarran Act')
      • Pushed through by Nevada Senator Pat McCarran
      • Included 'rules' for Communists in USA
    • J Edgar Hoover
      • Strong anti-Communist director
      • Driving force behind Red Scare
      • Helped FBI with Federal Employee Loyalty Program
    • Richard Nixon
      • Young politician + member of HUAC
      • Pursued dropped Hiss Case
      • Found evidence to support + oppose Hiss Case


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