International Business

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  • International Business
    • Selling, investing and transporting goods between two or more countries
    • Any firm undertaking or engaged in commercial activites or transactions which extend beyond a single national market
    • Types of International Business
      • Exporters - companies that export their products or services into foreign markets
      • Licensors - Comapnies that license their technologies, products etc abroad
      • Foreign Direct Investors - Companies that invest directly in overseas assets
    • MNCS
      • A corporation that is registered or has operations in more than one country
      • Plays an important role in Globalization
      • Two Major Categories
        • Trade - More than 50% of trade is made by the world's largest 500 MNCs.
        • Foreign Direct Investment - 80% of all FDI is made by the world's largest 500 MNCs
    • SMCS
      • Small Medium Enterprises consisting of less than 250 people
      • MNC's cant do everything themselves. They rely on SMEs to provide goods and services more efficiently with their specialised workforces, innovation and technology


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