International Factors

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  • International Factors
    • hosting an international event
      • advantages
        • profits for local businesses
        • up in tourist numbers - sustains country
        • unite behind home team
        • medals rally - home field advantage
        • world class facilities
        • motivation to younger generation
      • disadvantages
        • huge costs
        • possibility of terrorist attacks
        • lack of organisation can make a country look bad
        • waste of facilities
        • pressure on local area
        • short term employment
    • History of the Olympic games
      • berlin- 1936
        • only members of the Aryan race could compete for Germany
        • Jesse Owens won many medals
        • Hitler refused to award him his medals as he was not part of the Aryan race
      • Mexico - 1968
        • Tommie Smith & john Carlos
        • during 'star spangled banner ' they both raised a hard
        • performing a black salute, to recognise the treatment of blacks at  that time
      • Munich - 1972
        • 11 Israeli Olympians murdered the day before
        • 2 hostages were able to hurt their captors
        • during a failed rescue 2 terrorists and 5 hostages were killed
      • Montreal - 1976
        • the games were marred by boycotts
        • Afcia threated the Olympic games to get rid of New Zealand ot they would Boycott
        • 26 African countries boycotted the games
      • Moscow - 1980
        • Americans stimulated boycott
        • soviet Union invasion into Afghanistan
        • US stated that if the soviet troops did not with draw they would boycott
      • los Angeles
        • the sovits in relation to the 1980 Olympic boycotted
        • they did this along with east Germany, Cuba and 14 other countries
        • as these countries boycotted there was a new comer China


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