apple culture and leadership

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  • strong culture
    • apple
      • Former CEO Steve Jobs was notorious for pushing his employees harder-than-hard and, according to company urban legend, once fired an employee in the elevator for not having a good enough answer to the question "So what have you done for Apple lately
      • secretative culture
      • Jobs's achievements at Apple came along with a command-and-control leadership style, and a take-no-prisoners attitude toward both his employees, and business enemies.
        • But I believe that if Jobs had understood the impact of employee engagement and internal company culture, he not only would have grown Apple bigger, he would have felt an even greater sense of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.
      • Tim Cook's the new sheriff in town at Apple, and he is doing things that were blind spots during the Jobs era. He's focusing on people. As far-fetched as it might seem
      • tim cooks new leadership
        • He started "Blue Sky," a program that allows employees to take two weeks to work on pet projects that are unrelated to their jobs at Apple.
        • He's offering employee discounts on Apple products and matching gifts for community donations.
        • He's praising employees in public.
    • tim cooks ethical side
      • He recently announced that one Mac computer will be made in the U.S. instead of China, amid concerns about working conditions there


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