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  • Inter-Faith
    • Relationships between Christians and people of other faiths
    • Christianity and other faiths
      • People with faith will have more in common than atheists
      • working together could create a campaign to stop poverty and violence
      • it is important to get along with your neighbour
      • love your neighbor as you love yourself
      • Jesus showed love for people of other faiths
    • Northern Ireland Inter-Faith forum
      • Promote understanding between different faiths
      • Show people that there are more than two Faiths in NI
    • Schools
      • 1993, NI declared Religious Studies to be manily Christian
      • 1944 declared all schools had to pray once a day
      • Teach more about Other Religions
        • Yes
          • Community is becoming more diverse
          • helps promote tolerance and understanding
          • will stop prejudice
          • people less likely to offend others due to there religion
        • No
          • Don't have to learn about a faith you don't believe in
          • Confusing to learn so many
          • A prejudice teacher will not teach it fairly
      • Religious Dress
        • Yes
          • It goes against their religion no to wear items
          • should be comfortable to express their identity
          • strange to encourage faith in one form and not all forms
          • It is discrimination to stop them
          • encourages students to rwspect one another
        • No
          • some items can be a health hazard
          • some items are not absolutely necessary
          • uniform makes everyone equal
          • causes division amongst pupils
    • Some Christians believe there are many ways to know God. Christianity is just one of them but all of them are valid
    • Other Christians think all religions have SOME truth in them. Christianity is the only one that is 100% true
    • Community Cohesion
      • Having a society that works together to create a better place to live for all
      • Saint Vincent De Paul Society
        • To enhance the quality of life for those in need
        • Provide money, food, clothing, second hand furniture. Crèches. Playgroups. Hostels.
      • Youth Link NI
        • Promote peace between young people of all religions.
        • set up by the 4 main Christian religions
      • Corrymeela Community
        • a village of many traditions that welcomes all. Important place during the troubles


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