Way in which Religions promote community cohesion in the UK

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  • Way in which Religions promote community cohesion in the UK
    • Religious groups are now working together to discover what is the same in there religions and work out ways they can live together without trying to convert each other
    • Inter-faith marriages
      • Many Protestant Churches and Liberal/Reform Synagogues have developed special wedding services for mixed faith couples
      • Published guidelines for celebrating inter-faith marriages at Church
      • Some religious leaders have married people of other religious faiths and set up websites to try to offer others advice if they are in the same situation
    • Agreeing to support non-statutory national framework on RE as religious leaders say RE helps pupils to develop respect and sensitivity
    • Inter faith network 1987 promotes good relations between people of different faiths
    • Groups which bring together different religious groups in an area to promote community cohesion


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