Equality - Key Words

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  • Christianity and Equality
    • Prejudice
      • Believing that someone or a group of people are inferior to you
    • Exclusivism
      • Christianity is the only route to God and salvation
    • Equality
      • Everyone should be treated the same, with the same dignity and human rights
    • Pluralism
      • All religions are valid paths to Go
    • Discrimination
      • Acting on the belief that someone or a group of people are inferior to you
    • Inclusivism
      • All religions have some truths, but Christianity has the full truth
    • Evangelism
      • Preaching,  with the aim to convert
    • Missionaries
      • Spreading the word of God aboard
    • Inter-Faith Dialogue
      • Discussion between people of different faiths
    • Ecumenism
      • Different Christian denominations coming together to promote Christian unity
    • Convert
      • Convinciing people to change their beliefs to Christianity
    • Frogiveness
      • Accepting the apology  for their wrong-doings
    • Racism
      • Discriminating against people based on skin colour or race
    • Sexism
      • Discrimination on the basis of gender
    • Reconciliation
      • Rebuilding a relationship after forgiveness
    • Repentance
      • Being sorry for what has been done wrong


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