Prevention of Injury (continued)

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  • Prevention of Injury (cont.)
    • Level of Fitness
      • more like to be injured if players are at different levels
      • e.g. a new performer using an elite sports plan
      • PARQ shows fitness level
    • Correct Technique
      • minimises risk of injury
      • specific to every sport
      • e.g. incorrect technique in rugby could lead to serious injuries
      • Most common cause of injury
      • e.g. shot-put used incorrectly could cause injury
    • Rules
      • number of players, how you win, playing area size, equipment
      • specific to every sport
      • e.g. rules in boxing supposed to prevent serious damage
    • Cool Down
      • stretching reduces lactic acid
      • cools body & prevents muscle soreness
      • prevents blood pooling
      • aids stress relief
      • prevents injury, improves recovery rate


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