Influences on language (change)

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  • Influences on Language
    • Historical events
      • The English language has been profoundly affected by waves of war, disease, military, political and industrial change, 'acts of God', and natural disaster
    • Generational transfer
      • The transmission of language within families and from one generation to another forms a major part of the underlying fabric of English, especially where this creates the conditions for linguistic interplay between difference cultures/traditions
    • Geographical and world language issues
      • Change/Variation is often reinforced by regional identities. This can be seen in contrasting ways: sometimes regional changes isolate and accentuate the uniqueness of their particular variety; whilst another trend in the language is the increasing globalisation and exchange of English language forms
    • Social factors
      • Dominant social aspects, such as gender, social class, age, ethnicity, occupation and sexuality play a major role in shaping the course of change within the language
    • Technological advancements
      • One of the most visible and rapid forms of change within English, the seemingly endless invention of new technologies is accompanied by a conveyor belt of new lexis and language forms
    • Education and politics
      • The responsibility of education in shaping language use and change over time is considerable. Language can be highly politicised, and this can lead to shifts in the freedoms or constraints within which language operates


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