health and social care UNIT 3 influnces of legeslation

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  • Influences of legislation
    • On staff
      • Helps promote safe staffing levels
      • Promotes the provision of effective supervision, instruction and training of staff
      • Correct staff to client ratios and suitable knowledge and skills promote wellbeing and safe and secure environments
    • On premises
      • Has a direct impact on how health, social care and childcare premises are maintained
      • Ensures premises are kept clean (infection control) and in good condition (security)
      • Makes sure there is suitable ventilation and lighting for employees to work safely
      • Handwashing (materials for washing and drying hands) and changing facilities that are kept in good condition
      • Escape routes and exists must be provided (fire doors)
      • Signs (escape routes) must be displayed, fire extinguishers and alarms, should be available
    • On practice
      • Legislation promotes and encourages good personal hygiene
      • Wearing clean clothes, protective equipment and gloves
      • Safe removal and storage of waste
      • Recording and storing information correctly and securely
      • Reporting and recording accidents, illnesses and accidents


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