the range of settings that provide health and care services

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  • the range of settings that provide health and care services
    • hospitals
    • day care centres/ units
      • normally provided for specific client groups
        • older people
        • learning disabilities
        • mental health problems
      • provides a friendly and stimulating environment for those who would otherwise be socially isolated
    • hospice care
      • aims to improve the quality of life for those with an incurable illness
      • holistic care
      • care may extend into the bereavement period for family
    • residential care
      • long term care of adults and children who require 24 hr care
      • residential care home
      • nursing home
    • domiciliary care
      • provided in a clients home
      • may include...
        • help with domestic tasks eg shopping
        • making adaptations to the home
        • providing company/ arranging social activities
        • arranging transport
        • installing security equiptment
        • small maintainence jobs
        • delivering meals to the service users home
      • can vary from one visit a day to 24 hr care
    • the workplace
      • normally provided by an employer
      • can include nurses based in the workplace or referral to a doctor
      • referrals could be made to a counsellor if an employee is experiencing work related stress


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