Why was Bismarck dismissed

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  • Why was Bismarck dismissed in 1890
    • Political Developments 1880s
      • 1881: the 3 liberal parties gained seats from the Conservatives
        • Bismarck could no longer depend on Reichstag support
      • 1884: To get support back from the Conservatives, Bismarck introduced the Colonial Policy.
      • 1887: Liberals disagreed with Bismarck over the army budget
        • So they put pressure on BIsmarck.
        • As a result, BIsmarck dissolved the Reichstag
          • This allowed him to get his own way and protect the army
          • However, this failed as it took democracy away and showed that the constitution was ineffective, and just covered his tracks.
    • Personality of the new Kaiser
      • Wilhelm was committed to the belief that he ruled by the divine right of Kings.
        • 'I'll let the boy potter along for another 6 months!..Then I'll rule myself.'
      • He was very complex
      • He was intelligent and energetic.
      • He was also overbearing, arrogant and erratic
      • Kaiser was 29 and Bismarck was in his 70s, so they were from different generations.
        • Kaiser was more modern and Kaiser was traditional
    • Policy Differences
      • Wilhelm questioned the need to maintain the Reinsurance Treaty with Russia
      • They disagreed with social policy
        • Wilhelm wanted to extend the welfare system
        • Whereas Bismarck didn't want this
      • Bismarck favoured repression
        • Wilhelm wanted the anti-socialist Law waltered down
          • Bismarck refused and wanted it to be permament
      • Bismarck was entrapped and desperate
      • Disaster f the 1890 election


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