Republican rule 1649-1660

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Republican rule 1649-1660

Reasons for stable government attempts failing- Rump

  • No planning for new system after regicide and the regime lacked political nation support as new elections not held due to conservative majority
  • Proposed reforms eg Law reform were met with opposition
  • No support from propertied class as it was too dependent on large standing army
    • Army~ high taxation ( raised £90,000 per month), regicide, crushed opposition to commonwealth eg Ireland ( Drogheda and Wexford)
    • Greater gentry withdrew from public life
  • Cromwell dissolved Rump in 1653 because
    • rump introduced repressive measure eg Adultery and Blasphemy acts
    • Looking after its own measures ( New elections that would increase conservative majority
      Role Of Oliver Cromwell
  • Nominated Assembly 1653 (barebones and short lived)
    • Godly reformation of good citizens in Parliament
    • Enacted a series of moderate reforms (war with Dutch, debt, Lunatics, civil marriages)
    • Radical minority, conservative lesser gentry majority





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