improving the properties of plastic: ADDITIVES

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  • improving the properties of plastic : ADDITIVES
    • flame retardants
      • to reduce the risk of combusion.role is to create a chemical reaction once combustion has begun
    • anti-static agents
      • reduces the effects of static charge that could build up on a product e.g. walking on carpet made from synthetic plastics
    • plasticiser
      • plasticiser are added to plastic to improve the flow properties of plastic when being molded. they also reduce the softening temp and go some way to making the materials less brittle.
    • stabilisers
      • used to reduse the effects of UV light, i.e. by making plastics more resistant to being 'broken down '. helps plastic maintain their structure and strength.
    • fillers
      • used to reduce the bulk.these types of plastics are generally cheaper.examples of filler are sawdust, wood flour, crushed quartz, limestone.some increased in strength and hardness by removing the brittleness.
    • why
      • .self colored, opaque, translucent or transparent, depending on the type of polymer and processing used.
      • low melting temp, ranging from 70 to 185 degrees( thermoplastic only). also a lighter weight.


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