Impacts of mass tourism to the environment in kenya

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  • Impacts of Mass Tourism on the environment in Kenya
    • Bad: Drivers to get close to the animals as possible surrounding and disturbing them. Some species numbers are in decline e.g wildebeest
    • Good: Income from tourism and entrance fees can pay for management, conservation and repairs
    • Bad: Drivers do not keep to the tracks. this churns up the ground in the wet season.
    • Bad: Pollution - from queuing vehicles (noise, air, visual), litter and untreated waste entering rivers/seas killing species.
    • Good: Creation of game parks (e.g Masai mara) has helped more wildlife survive. Tourism has stopped natural habitat destruction for farming (to feed growing population)
    • Bad: In the dry season, grassland is turned into a dust bowl. Vehicles kill unique savannah vegetation, and soil is exposed, causing coil erosion.
    • Bad: Coral reefs off mombasa by boats dropping their anchors, placement of floating pontoons in popular diving spots and tourist taking coral as souvenirs.
    • Bad: Destruction of habitats and environments to build hotels, roads and airports.


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