LEDC Tourism case study, Kenya.

ledc tourism case study, on kenya, impacts, attractions, reduce, sustainable. 

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Amelia Hill
Case Study of Tourism in Kenya
This is a map of Kenya. Kenya is located in East Africa, its capital city is Nairobi and it has a
population of approximately 30 million people.
The map above shows the main national parks of Kenya. There are actually many more, but
these are the important ones.

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Physical attractions to Kenya:
Attractive climate (Tropical) - sunshine all year round; hot and humid at the coast;
temperate inland and dry in the NE (rainy season - April-June and Oct-Dec; heavy
rainfall afternoon / early evening). Most people enjoy the better climate rather than
rain, so may want to escape and they can visit all year round and are almost
guaranteed good weather.…read more

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Positive impacts on Kenya:
Tourism encourages the building of new
roads and better communications, this benefits the
tourists as they can get around easier and this also
benefits the locals because they can also travel
around easier.
Jobs in tourism have helped develop
people's business skills so they can receive better
jobs or get a promotion, this gives them more
money to provide for their family, and this is
beneficial as they live in a LEDC so struggle.…read more

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Some Muslims in Kenya are offended by the way female tourists dress, this upsets
the residents of Kenya.
Cheetahs in the most visited areas have changed their hunting and behaviour
patterns in order to avoid tourist
Strategies to reduce/manage the tourism:
Reducing Negative Effects of Tourism
Walking and horseback riding are promoted instead of vehicle safaris to preserve
Alternative activities that are less damaging than safaris are also being encouraged
e.g.…read more

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Provides links with local schools with schools in the UK - raise money for new
classrooms and other projects (e.g. water tanks).
Employees local people (e.g. guides and other workers).
Conservation activities - e.g. looking after orphaned wildlife - e.g. 2003 relocation of
giraffe into the area - including a baby giraffe from the Karen Blixen Giraffe Orphanage
in Nairobi.…read more

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communities.…read more


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