Kenya - Mass Tourism

Kenya case study

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Kenya - mass tourism - background

In east Africa

People visit because of tribal culture, wildlife including big 5 (rhino, lion, buffalo, elephant, leopard), the warm climate (sunshine all year round), scenery (savannah, mountains, forests, beaches & coral reefs). 

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Kenya - mass tourism - Impacts (positives)

  • Positives

15% of GNP

Lots of employment

Culture and customs of native tribes preserved

23 national parks, tourists pay to enter which helps to pay to protect environment and maintain park.


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Kenya - Mass tourism - Impacts (negatives)

  • Negatives

Only 15% of money earned goes to the locals

Some tribes forced off land to make room for national parks

Some locals offended by the ways female tourists dress

Safari vehicles destroy vegetation

Wild animals changed behaviour

Coral reefs destroyed

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Kenya - Mass tourism - Solutions


  • Walking or horseback tours
  • Alternative activities to safaris

Ways to keep attracting tourists

  • Visa fees lower so cheaper to visit
  • Adevertising campaigns (especially in Russia)
  • Plans to improve transport
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