Mass Tourism Kenya Case Study

Case study information about mass tourism in Kenya

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Mass Tourism- Kenya
Kenya is in East Africa. It receives over 700 000 visitors per year.
A fascinating tribal culture
Lots of wildlife (e.g. lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos and leopards)
Warm climate and predictable sunshine all year round
Beautiful scenery including savannahs, coral reefs, beaches, mountains
and forests
Economic Impacts
Tourism contributes to 15% of the country's GDP
However only 15% of this is given to locals- the rest goes to big
In 2003, around 219 000 people were employed in the tourist industry
Social Impacts
The culture and customs of the native Maasai tribe are preserved
because things such as traditional dances are often displayed for tourists
Some Maasai are forced off their land to create National Parks
Some Muslims in Kenya are offended by the way female tourists dress
Environmental Impacts
There are 23 National parks in Kenya. The entry fee is used to protect
the environment and wildlife
Safari vehicles have destroyed vegetation and caused soil erosion
Cheetahs in the most visited areas have changed their hunting and
behaviour patterns in order to avoid tourist
Coral reefs in the Malindi Marine National Park have been damaged by
tourist boats anchoring
Reducing Negative Effects of Tourism

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Walking and horseback riding are promoted instead of vehicle safaris to
preserve vegetation
Alternative activities that are less damaging than safaris are also being
encouraged e.g. climbing and white water rafting
Attempts to Maintain Tourism
Kenya's tourist board and Ministry of Tourism have launched an
advertising campaign in Russia called `Magical Kenya'
Kenya Wildlife Service plans to build airstrips in two national parks and
spend £8 million improving roads and bridges.…read more


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