GCSE Geography Keywords

Keywords fo WJEC GCSE Geography B

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Our Changing Coastline - Keywords

coastline - where the coast meets the sea

fetch - the distance waves will travel across the ocean

prevailing wind - most common direction the wind blow (UK is southwest)

destructive wave - erodes the coast, backwash is stronger than swash

constructive wave - builds up the coast, swash stronger than backwash

swash - waves moving up the beach

backwash - waves moving down the beach

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Living Things - Keywords

ecosystem - a community of plants and animals that interact with the environment they are in

biome - large scale global ecosystem

tundra - permanetly frozen places like Alaska

tropical rainforest - extremely hot with heavy rain

savannah - tall grasslands like Kenya

deciduous forest - traditional woodland with leaf drop in winter

coniferous forest - forests made of trees with pines that dont drop

desert - place that recieves less than 250mm of rain a year

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Tourism - Keywords

domestic tourism - holiday in your own country

international tourism - holidays in another country

ecotourism - tourism that has a focus on the environment and is sustainable

sustainable tourism - tourism that does not have a negative social, economical or environmental impact

mass tourism - a large scale tourist resort or place where people visit regulary

multiplier effect - when everyone benefiits from the success of a tourist place

honeypot site - a really populare place that gets overcrowded

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