Impacts of WW2 on USA

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  • Impact of WW2 on USA
    • 1941 onwards – Factories and farms focussed on helping America in the war
    • Conscription – Around 15 million 18-45 year old men were forced to join the army.
    • Many found work in the factories – unemployment fell from 9.5 million in 1939 to 670,000 in 1945.
    • Industrial production doubled between 1942-45.
    • People were encouraged to create ‘victory gardens’ – to grow their own vegetables.
    • Life improved for farmers – thre was more demand for their produce and so they were making more money.
    • Huge migration happened in the USA – Around 27 million moved around between 1941-45. They moved to look for work - to California especially to find work in armament factories.
    • Criticism – Around 112,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned and many of them lost their homes and businesses. Around a 1000 were sent back to Japan.
    • April 1945 – Truman became President. He introduced a 21 point policy calledThe Fair Deal – this was a continuation of the New Deal. Truman dealt firmly with people who went on strike. He raised the minimum wage from 40 cents per hour to 75 cents per hour and a million cheap houses were built.


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