KT2 civil rights movement 45-62

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  • KT2- Civil Rights Movement 1945-62
    • Impact Of WW2
      • WW2 was against racist states so the USA was hypocritical
      • Wanted society to be intergrated
      • Two civil rights groups NAACP and CORE
      • Black and White people fought together
    • Peaceful protests- Direct action
      • Freedom rides, Sit ins, Boycotts, Picketing, Marches.
      • Pushed by the NAACP
      • Non violent protests were led by MLK
    • Montgomery bus boycott
      • Continued for 381 days
      • NAACP Boycotted buses on her trial date, as she was found guilty they continued
      • eventually the Supreme Courts rules segragation was 'unconstitutional'
      • 1/12/55 Rosa Parcs was arrested
    • Using the law
      • 1951- Brown vs Topeka- black schools had less money and facilities
      • 1897- Plessy vs Ferguson- Seperate but equal
      • 1954- Supreme court ruled segragation in education was 'unconstitutional'
    • Little Rock High,1957
      • Governor Orville Faubus was racist
      • First intergrated school
      • Troops were put in place to stop the student Elizabeth Eckford
      • Eisenhower sent federal troops in to protect the students
      • Faubus closed the school next year
    • Sit ins and Freedom rides
      • Freedom rides ensure facilities were intergrated
      • Sitins took place regulary, organisged by students
    • Opposition to the CRM
      • KKK were constantly opposed
      • James Meredith was the first black student in Uni, 15000 soldiers were needed to control the riots.


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