impact of world war 1 on USA

Boom of USA - increased influence in Europe + rise of US products

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impact of WW1 on USA

  • Became more influencial in European economy
  • Mass production and wages increased
  • Farmers were successful becuase of all the food they had to produce for Europe
  • US gave loans to European countries - gained huge profits from exports 
  • Europe was economically fragile after the war, there was much poverty and scarce food supplies
  • Damaged transport and communication
  • gained very little from the war economically - heavily reliant on loans and exports
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  • 1921 Emergency Tariff act- Puts taces on agricultural imports such as wheat, meat and sugar
  • 1921 Budgets and accounting act- Put controls on government spending
  • 1921 Revenues act- changes taxes by charging businesses more, but cuttting wartime tax dureing times of profit
  • 1922 Fordney-McCumber tariff- taxed imports from foreign countries. At first it protected american farminf and industries, but lates foreign countries kept out american goods. 
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