Impact of WW1 on the USA

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  • Impact of WW1 on the USA
    • How and why the US became isolationist at the end of WW1
      • Isolationism - American mentality that Europe were dominating and horrible
      • Money - America would have to put lots of money into European peacekeeping - not worth it
      • American Soldiers - Deaths were wasted in other countries that didn't affect them - not again
      • German Immigrants - Large population of immigrants would disagree with League of Nations (anti-germany) so needed isolationism to be voted into power
      • Empires - USA wanted to cut ties with old European empires and have their own as they disliked how they worked
    • What impact did WW1 have on the USA?
      • There were large amounts of agricultural and industrial trade, throughout the war and after it ended, as the US was affected by it very little.
        • This would lead to an economic boom as of increased technological processes and increased demand in Europe.
    • Tariffs
      • Tariffs were introduced after WW1 in order to protect US produce from going down in prices
      • Emergency Tariff (May 1921)
        • A tax on a range of agricultural products to protect the prices US farmers would receive, by making foreign prices much higher
      • Fordney-McCumber Tariff (1922)
        • Introduced high taxes on all foreign products so that more American products were bought and more money went back into the economy
      • Did the Tariffs help or hinder the economy?
        • Overall, the tariff policy hindered the economy, bringing it to a depression in 1929, but in the short term allowed the US economy to prosper


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