The Aims of the Big Three at the Paris Peace Conference

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What were the aims of the `Big Three' at the Paris Peace Conference?
The Big Three were the main victors from WW1. They included: Georges Clemenceau President
of France, Woodrow Wilson ­ President of the USA and David Lloyd George ­ Prime Minister of
France and Britain had suffered much more heavily that the USA, however the USA had only
joined the war in 1917 and had in fact profited from conflict.
Woodrow Wilson ­ USA
To ensure Germany was not destroyed.
Not to blame Germany for the war ­ he hated the Guilt Clause.
Wilson feared that a harsh and vengeful treaty would lead to another war and besides, his country
had profited from the war, and the damage the USA had suffered was minimal in contrast to
France and Britain. His main aim was a lasting and fair peace to be achieved through his Fourteen
1. No secret treaties
2. Free access to the seas in peacetime or wartime.
3. Free trade between countries.
4. All countries to work towards disarmament.
5. Colonies to have a say in their own future.
6. German troops to leave Russia.
7. Independence for Belgium.
8. France to regain AlsaceLorraine.
9. Frontier between Austria and Italy to be adjusted.
10. Selfdetermination for the peoples of Eastern Europe (they should rule
11. Serbia to have access to the sea.
12. Selfdetermination for the people in the Turkish Empire.
13. Poland to become an independent state with access to the sea.
14. League of Nations to be set up.
David Lloyd George ­ UK

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He wanted revenge for what had happened. War had cost Britain a lot of money, as well as lives.
He thought Germany should pay reparations. Yet at the same time he wanted Germany to recover
quickly, so that they could continue to trade with Britain. Lloyd George wanted to downsize the
German empire and navy to reduce the threat they posed to Britain. He wanted to ensure that
France will not become too powerful.…read more

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