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  • Attachment
    • impact of day care on aggressiveness
      • Negative effects
        • NICHD
          • longitudinal study
          • 1000 children from diverse families
          • age 5, in day care rated more assertive, disobediant, aggressive
          • ful-time9more than 30 hours) 3x likely to show behaviour problems
          • show day care not necessarily associated with aggressiveness
          • 83% attending day care less than 30 hours not show higher levels of aggression
          • strong design
          • contradictory results
        • EPPE
          • UK similar results to NICHD
          • 3000 children (3-7) in a variety of day care
      • not demonstrate day care has caused later behaviours
        • only correlations
    • impact of day care on peer relations
      • Negative effects
        • secure attchment better for peer relations
          • sroufe insecure attachment to difficulty with peer relations
      • lack of causal relationship
        • mothers shy by nature/stay at home.
          • children inherited similar tempreament
      • not the only influence on childs development
    • disruption of attachment
      • Robertson and Robertson
        • primary attachment
          • validty (lack generalisability, data collected rich detail)
        • natura;listic observation
      • child is separated from their primary attachment figure
    • failure to form attachment
      • (privation)
        • failure to develop any attachments
      • Hodges and Tizard institional care
        • disinhibited attachment
        • longitudinal natural experiment
      • individual differences
      • case studi: Genie and Czech twins
      • Rutter longitdinal study
        • privation only one factor


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