immortality notes

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    • Reincarnation
      • soul is transferred into a new body
      • put into a new form that is different to the last one
      • soul lives in a new body
      • soul migrates
      • Karma influences the next life.
      • plant,animal,human,religious leader
    • Resurrection
      • Someone bringing someone back to life
      • Rising from the dead
      • coming back as ourselves but we are healed
      • body comes back to life
      • live on in the physical for again
      • could be after death or on day of judgment
      • Dualism-the idea that humans have two basic natures, the physical and the spiritual 
      • bodies decay, no room,identity
      • Materialism- minds are inseparable from our body.
    • Rebirth
      • buddhists believe in rebirth
      • reincarnation but with no soul
      • flame transferred to different candles so the flames link but are not identical
      • Karma
    • Memory
      • family or friends
      • photographs or keepsakes
      • memories can die, who will remember when last person who knew them dies?
      • memories can be biased or changed
    • Legacy
      • work of art, music, building.
      • if their work goes they are not rembembered anymore (building demolished)
      • a way someone can live on after death
    • Christians
      • resurrection
      • Some believe people are raised from the dead and judged.
    • muslims
      • soul is taken for questioning by angels after body is in grave-soul is returned after questioning.
      • souls wait for judgement day- paradise or hell
      • Qua'n is direct word of Allah so it will happen
    • Sikhs
      • Reincarnation
      • soul remains in cycle of birth and death
        • until good enough to dwell with God
      • Karma
      • Holy book tells them what they must do to break the cycle of birth and death.


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