Immigrants living in britain in 1945.

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  • Immigrants living in britain in 1945.
    • American GIs
      • high profile arrivals.
      • 3 million arrived in Britain
      • welcomed by British people
        • they were: hansome, friendly, wealthier than a british solider, confident, didn't have rations, happy people.
          • they were particularly popular with the British women.
            • there were about 80 000 British 'GI brides'
      • The U.K was a class orientated society whereas America was less conscious on class (more race) so they mixed freely with different classes.
      • Although there was some tension due to the countries cultural differences
    • Poles
    • Common-wealth troops
      • large number of Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Carribeans (from the West Indies) and Indians served in the British forces
      • Usually warmly welcomed
      • over 40,000 marriages between British women and Canadian servicemen (they thought they were really tall!!)
    • Prisoners of war
      • there were hundreds of thousands of PoWs (prisoners of war)
        • (at its highest)  there were 157,000 Italian PoWs and 402,000 German PoWs
        • Untitled
      • most of the PoWs were italians and germans which were captured in North Africa
      • over 1,500 facilities which held prisoners
    • African American GIs
      • large majority of GIs were black.
        • 130 000 black GIs went to Britain (men and women)
      • america was not class conscious but it was VERY race conscious.
        • In America black people suffered from harshly discriminated and segregated
        • Even in Britain the American army was segregated between black and white troops.


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