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  • Identity
    • Ethnicity
      • Religion -  trained to certain values
        • Ghuman - found training to be very important in asian migrants in UK
        • Butler - religion was central to way Muslim girls created identity for themselves
        • Marxist - ideological function
      • Family - through language spoken at home  - a lot of British are multiple language
        • Modood - may be food, dress and traditions and teach. Miri song that chinese families reward
      • Media - portrays stereotypes
    • National
      • Education - taught things in school on accepting society. English and History promote national positives of our society
        • Schudon - individuals taught through common language
      • Family - taught to act a certain way
        • Functionalists say 'blank slate' and family moulds norms and values
      • Media - through symbols - royal family seen as celebs. Also achievements "our boys" in war
        • Marxists - sat 'popular culture' makes media spread ideology (marsh and keating)
      • Untitled
      • Sport - events (world cup) national colours are paraded in colours - flags individuals gain huge fan base
        • Poulton and Maguire - found 'team GB' linked to fear of UK breakup
    • Class
      • Work - those in manual work have strong sense of social position. strong divide leads to community. type of job give you sense of status
        • WIllis - working class boys knew of jobs so went to school for laugh. Self-fulfilling prophecy
        • Functionalists - needed for society to work
      • Education - children attend schools based on this. Middle class = better schools
        • Bordieu - cultural capital - middle class taught into ruling class
        • Savage - working class and middle class have different life - income and housing etc
        • Marxists - lead to capitalist society
      • Family - transmit norms and values of class.
        • Bordieu - passed on depositing by family (habitus) easly influenced
        • Marxist - economic differences cause class divide
      • Media - portrays certain classes in certain ways but also opens us to other ways.
        • Postmodernist - have a choice - pick and mix in society now
    • Gender
      • Media -  points out stereotypes of gender roles so hard to avoid
        • Wolf - looks at idea of unrealistic body used to exploit women - creates pressure to conform to your roles
        • Feminists - say its used to suppress women
      • Family - at young age kids given toys (footballs) called "princess"
        • Oakley - says manipulation learn when young
        • Functionalist say 'black slate' are moulded by parents
      • Religion - focus on laws and values such as monogamy - parental faith. Take  on certain roles and see adults in certain roles
        • Marxists say its ideological function for support
      • Education - teach life skills EG instructions on how to act. Hidden curriculum is set of assumptions taught. Girls = better behaved. Play certain sports/
        • Functionalist - say transmit shared cultural values to provide consensus
        • Durkheim said history and language does this


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