National Identity

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  • National Identity
    • What is national identity?
      • About feeling you belong to a country and its people.
      • Durkheim - national identity makes people think they belong to a larger group.
      • Anderson - national identity has replaced religion interms of giving people meaning in their lives
      • National identity can be used to exclude groups in society
      • Symbols and rituals are important to national identity I.e. the flag
    • National identity and socialisation
      • Schudson - individuals are socialised into a nation culture
      • Education has a national curriculum i.e. shakespeare
      • The media heavily broadcast national rituals i.e. royal weedings.
      • Hall - each country has its own stories.
    • The decline of national identities
      • Big business is now international
      • Mainstream TV, fashion etc, is dominated by American products.
      • Britain today is multi ethnic
      • Britain has strong regional identities, I.e. Scottish, Welsh, English
    • New National Identities
      • Multicultural national identities
      • Racism
        • Some people are resistant to the idea of British identity changing.




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