Identify and outline the main divisions within the Democratic party

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  • Identify & outline the main divisions within the Democratic Party
    • Liberal Democrats
      • Such as Nancy Pelosi; who have liberal views on most social & fiscal policy whether tax or on welfare or gay marriage
      • They are socially and economically liberal and most represent more liberal states such as California or states and districts such as New England
    • Blue Dog Democrats
      • Such as Ben Nelson from Nebraska; who tend to have both fiscally and socially conservative views such as low taxes & spending
      • Anti-abortion and pro-gun law views
      • These Democrats tend to represent more conservative states or districts such as those in the South or Mid-West
    • Centrist New Democrats
      • Bill Clinton
      • Take a moderate & pragmatic position on most policy issues & were found in the Democrat Leadership Council
    • The New Deal Coalition
      • The Democrat party tried to hold onto factions within the party. This was sucessful from the 1930s to 1960s
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    • Electoral Sucecss
      • Although these divisions might seem troublesome for parties it is actually vital for electoral success as the party identifies to a wide range of voters on the political spectrum


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