Validation and Verification

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    • validation and verification
      • transmission
        • data is sent from one computer medium to another
      • Transcription
        • Data is copied from one medium to another
        • Transcription errors
          • Omission
            • Leaving data out
          • Transpositions
            • Data that might be reversed (transposed)
          • Spelling mistakes
            • errors when typing
    • Verification methods
      • performed to ensure that data entered matches the original source
      • Visual check
        • comparing source data to transcribed data by eye
      • Double keying
        • Dat is entered twice and the computer compares the two versions
      • Parity  Check
        • made on transmitted data ; Data is transmitted in binary numbers
    • Validation methods
      • Batch total
        • Has meaning
      • Format Check
        • Checks that data is laid out in an agreed way
      • Presence Check
        • Ensures that data is present
      • Range Check
        • Check if numerical data is within a sensible range
      • Hash total
        • Has no meaning


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