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tion o n
a lid
Checking for Errors!…read more

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Where you Look for
errors on screen or
on printed work!
Either you can do it Verification is also where
or pass it over to you are asked to enter
someone else! details TWICE into a
computer...e.g. passwords
or your email address on the
Proof read! Internet!…read more

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Computer says
no....…read more

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Validation rules
This is where the SOFTWARE checks for errors as you
type in data into the database.
Validation doesn't guarantee accuracy only reasonable
answers are given...
E.g. a % mark is between 0 and 100, validation cannot tell
whether a test result should be 9.9% or 99%?
Validation is a way to prevent silly mistakes from
occuring…read more

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Errors, errors everywhere
But what
Valid data - accepted do these
Invalid data - rejected mean?
Extreme data ­ to test boundaries
Erroneous data ­ rejected…read more

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Valid v Invalid
Valid Invalid
Accepted data by These are rejected by
validation rules validation rules
E.g. Percentage test E.g. Percentage test
marks marks
34% , 67%, 89% -25% 137% 346%…read more

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