Validation and Verification

Layed out so the similarities and differences are clear to see.

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  • Validation is a computer check to make sure data entered is sensible.
  • There are different types of validation:

Presence Check: This is when you check that a field is not empty.

Range Check: This is when you check that data entered into a field is within the range e.g. 90<100.

Format Check: This is when you check the data is in the right format.

Lookup Table: This is when you lookup acceptable values in a table

Check Digit: Looking at the last two numbers to see if the rest of the numbers are valid.

Length Check: Making sure values entered aren't too long or short.

Spell Check: Making sure data entered is spelt correctly.

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  • Verification is making sure the data matches the source it came from.
  • There are different types of Verification:

Double Entry: Entering the data twice and comparing the two copies but this raises issues such as double costs and time.

Proof-reading Data: Reading the data over and checking it but this also consumes time and money.

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