GCSE Geography AQA Bam Earthquake Case Study

LEDC case study for and earthquake on AQA Geography course

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  • Bam Earthquake
    • High Death Toll
      • No earthquake plan
      • Lack of earthquake proof buildings
      • No national plan for a disaster
      • Poor construction of buildings
      • Extreme cold weather made conditions hard for survivors
      • Population boom so not enough space for houses
        • Sub standard  housing quickly built
      • Couldn't afford to research ways to protect buildings from quakes
    • Responses
      • Volunteers brought medicine and equipment to help the injured
      • Relief workers constructed 'tented cities' to try and house the many homeless people
    • Secondary Effects
      • Spent cold nights in blankets
      • People left homeless
      • People had to make their own shelter
      • Rubble made it difficult to rescue people
    • Primary Effects
      • 43 000 deaths
      • Citadel mostly destroyed
      • people's homes collapsed
      • Buildings collapsed


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