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Restless Earth Revision…read more

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Structure Of The Earth
· Centre ­ Inner & Outer Core
· Around the Core ­ Mantle
· Top Layer ­ Crust
· Two types of crust ­
· Continental: thicker, less dense, older
· Oceanic: thinner, more dense, younger
· The crust is divided into lots of sections called tectonic plates which float on
the mantle…read more

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Tectonic Plate Boundaries
Destructive Margins
· Two plates moving towards each other
· Oceanic meets Continental, denser Oceanic is forced into
the mantle and destroyed
· Very often creates volcanoes or ocean trenches
· Two Continental plates meet, no crust is destroyed forming
a fold mountain
Constructive Margins
· Two plates moving away from each other
· Magma rises and fills in the gap, creating new crust
Conservative Margins
· Two plates moving sideways past each other or in the same
direction at different speeds
· Crust isn't created or destroyed…read more

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Tectonic Plate Boundaries
Conservative…read more

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Fold Mountains
· Found at destructive plate boundaries
· Created when either oceanic and continental crust collide or
when two continental plates collide
· Lots of very high mountains
· Very rocky with steep slopes
· Often snow and glaciers
· Lakes in the valleys and between the mountains…read more

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The Andes
· Formed 65 million years ago
· Longest range of fold mountains in the world, 7000km
· Approximately 300km in width
· Average height 4000m
· Subsistence farmers grow a variety of crops including potatoes
· Use terraces to create flat areas on the steep slopes
· Animals are farmed on upland areas
· Contain important minerals
· More than half of Peru's exports are from mining ­ Yanacocha largest gold
mine in the world
· Natural attractions ­ mountain peeks, volcanoes, glaciers
· Incan Trail ending at Machu Picchu
Hydroelectric Power
· Narrow valleys easily dammed
· Melting snow in spring increases supply of water…read more

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