Human Causes and/or Accelerators of Drought

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  • Human Causes and/or Accelerators of Drought
    • Lack of care
      • Sometimes, people do not use water appropiately when it is available.
      • People do not store excess water meaning drought is worse.
    • De-forestation
      • Bush fires remove vegetation which lessens rain and causes more drought and then more bushfires.
      • The lack of ground cover when trees are removed means that shallow water is evaporated.
      • Tree roots hold soil particles together.
        • When removed the soil is looser, reducing the soil's ability to hold water and it dries out.
      • The soil is vulnerable to wind blowing it away when de-forestation occurs.
        • Desertification can happen and then drought is constant.
      • Trees transport  water into the atmosphere by transpiration. This creates clouds and then rain.
        • When deforestation occurs this ends and there can be permanent drying.
    • Dam-building
      • Dams create reservoirs. At one side there is lots of water but on the other side the lack of water may cause or accelerate drought.
    • Using excess water and intensive methods
      • Over-grazing land exposes soil to wind erosion.
      • Over-farming or intensive farming causes drought to have a worse impact.
      • Sometimes drought means that you have to irrigate crops more. Or, a particular crop may need more water..
        • Whatever reason, this is removing water from the area.
          • And long-term drought is possible and it will have bigger impacts.


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