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  • different interpretationsHT/1984
    • marxist
      • struggle between the classes and how the upper class are in power over the lower class
      • HT: men are higher than women creating a struggle.
        • econowives/unwomen
      • the party in 1984 are a symbol for the upper class, they get privileges
        • better living places etc.
    • feminist
      • how women are represented and women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes
      • HT: made into property od the commanders
        • OFFRED
      • 1984: Women aren't as respected by men and aren't seen as smart or influencial as men
    • ecocriticism
      • the study of the environment and how it has changed
      • HT speaks of pollution constantly and how it has led to infertility
      • 1984 doesn't focus on environment, too bad to fix
    • moral
      • judges the value of the literature based on its moral lessons and ethical teachings
      • HT: extremism out of gender roles and how they rapidly define
      • 1984 government attitudes towards equality can penetrate into the lives of those living in society and extreme philosophy.
    • structuralism
      • how the writer has used language to construct meaning and patterns of language
      • HT repetition of importance of religious teachings causes repression
      • 1984: repetition of down with big brother and big brother is watching you


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