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  • Thomas Hardy (The Emma Poems) 1912-1913
    • I Found Her Out There
      • nature used to represent the love throughout the poem
        • e.g. salt edged air, ocean, hurricane, solid land
      • "on a slope few see" - very intimate, private place
      • "I brought her here" - his decision to take her away, not her choice
        • physically removing her from their 'place'
      • "and have laid her to rest / In a noiseless nest / No sea beats near" - guilt about not returning her to the place she felt most alive
        • "She will never be stirred...By the waves long heard / And loved so well" - she didn't love the place where she was rested
      • also references to colours - "dyed her face fire red" - connotes strong emotions - passion, livelihood, warning
      • various places mentioned
        • Dundagel - supposed place of Camelot, knights of the round table - supposedly haunted by the knights
        • Lyonesse - mythical city under the sea - telling her a story/making it magical
      • "with the heart of a child" - connotes innocence, free spirited, genuine happiness
    • Without Ceremony
      • "It was your way, my dear / To vanish without a word" - her nature to leave - free spirited
      • "you'd a mind to career / off anywhere - say to town" caesura implies it was an afterthought
      • title implies a lack of formality
      • "So, now that you disappear / for ever in that swift style" - just as usual, however 'disappear' here connotes death
      • 'seems' - lack of certainty
      • 'Good-bye is not worth while!' - quoting her, her voice, implying that she would always come back
        • title implies a lack of formality


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