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  • Romantics
    • Important poets include: Wordsworth, Coleridge, Keats, Shelley, Byron and Blake
    • Key ideas include: power, nature, imagination, revolution, children and the marginalised
    • Romanticism = developments in literature, art and music in the late 18th century
    • Revolution
      • Time of physical confrontation, violent rebellion in parts of Europe and the New World.
      • British government feared similar outbreaks - Early Romantic poets supported the French Revolution
    • Imagination
      • Romantics genuinely thought they were prophet figures who could interpret reality
      • Highlighted healing power of imagination, believed it could enable people to transcend their troubles and circumstance
      • Creative talent could illuminate a transform the world into a coherent vision, to regenerate mankind spiritually
    • Children, nature and the sublime
      • Necessary to start again with childlike perspective
      • Children innocent and uncorrupted, enjoying a precious affinity with nature
      • Romantic verse suffused with reverence for natural world
      • Inspired by environment, encourage people to venture into new territories
    • The marginalised and oppressed
      • Wordsworth concerned with elitism of earlier poets, not accessible to ordinary people
      • Poetry should be democratic
      • Tried to give a voice to those who tended to be marginalised
      • Blake was radical in his political views, addressed social issues and concerns about the monarchy and church


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