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  • Why is Brabantio in Othello?
    • How is he used in Act 1.1 to reveal Iago & Roderigo's villainy?
      • He plays into their plan to interfere with Othello & Desdemona's marriage.
        • This already reveals their destructive personas.
          • Particularly Iago, the true tragic villain of the play.
    • Why are his final lines so significant?
      • 'She has deceived her father, and may thee'
        • Warning Othello she may lie to him just as easily.
          • Alludes to Iago's plan.
            • Foreshadows the plot.
    • What does this character help to reveal about Desdemona?
      • Reveals her relationship with her father.
        • How she chooses her marriage over him.
          • 'A divided duty'
          • Conveys she  is strongminded
            • Despite labels and gender stereotypes
      • Plants the first seed of doubt about her.
    • What does this character help to reveal about Othello?
      • Reveals Othello's difficult past.
        • Slavery, battles
      • Reveals the love story of Othello and Desdemona.
        • 'She loved me for the dangers I had passed'
      • Reveals him as a character.
        • Honourable, noble, well spoken.
          • 'Most potent, grave and reverend signors'
    • How does he add to establishing aspects of tragedy?
      • He plants the first seed of doubt in Othello's mind.
        • This sets up the tragedy to progress.
          • Perhaps if he had never said this, Othello wouldn't have been manipulated?
      • Although he is not a likeable character, it makes Desdemona's death more heart breaking.
        • He is her father at the end of the day.
        • Also tragic how it appears he was right about Othello.
          • He may feel her death was his fault as he gave in to his naïve daughter.
    • What does he represent and what is Shakespeare saying?
      • Presents everything deemed acceptable in that society but would not be in ours now.
        • Racism
          • Accuses Othello of witchcraft.
          • Cannot understand how Desdemona would love 'what she feared to look upon'
        • Misogyny
          • 'My daughter'
            • Possessive pronoun
          • 'Where most you owe obedience?'
          • 'Maiden never bold'


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