What were the successes of the League

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  • How successful was the League in the 1920s
    • The Aaland Islands (1921)
      • These islands are between Sweden and Finland
        • Both Nations claimed the islands and seemed ready to fight over them, but they invited the League to reach a compramise.
      • They decided that the islands should be awarded to Finland and Sweden accepted this.
    • Econimic clash in Austria and Hungary (1922-23)
      • These countries economies hadn't recovered after the war and now with the reparations they owed it seemed they would collapse.
      • The League arranged International loans for the two countries along with commissioners to supervise the money.
      • With this economic help, both Austria and Hungary were able to begin their economic recovery.
    • The Greek-Bulgarian Dispute
      • After the treaty of Neuilly, the border between Greece and Bulgaria remained a source of tension.
      • After a number of violent incidents, the Greeks invaded Bulgaria in October 1925.
      • The League intervened effectively as they condemned the Greek action and pressurised them to withdraw which the did.
    • Upper Silesia (1921)
      • Upper Silesia contained large numbers of Poles and Germans and since the area was particularly industrial both countries were determined to aquire it.
      • In the plebiscite held by the League in March 1921, the people voted in favour of Germany by 700,000 votes to 480,000
      • The League decided to share the area out. Germany received over half the land and population while the Poles had most of the Industry
      • This caused great bitterness to Germany but both countries accepted the verdict.


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