The Manchurian Crisis, 1931-33

Causes, Events and Results of the Manchurian Crisis.


Causes of the Manchurian Crisis

Japan was a rising power in the Pacific and had developed quickly.

The Wall Street Crash had had a major impact on Japan.

They had lost a lot of trade with the USA and Japan needed new ways to expand.

In 1931, used the excuse of a Chinese attack on a Japanese railway to invade the Chinese territory of Manchuria

Japan wanted Manchuria because it was rich in natural resources

This invasion was succesful.

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Events of the Manchurian Crisis

China was in the middle of a civil war and could not defend Manchuria

It appealed to the League and the League sent a commision (Lytton Commision)

The commision was too slow in which time the invasion was a success and had been completed.

The League then condemned the Japanese and asked them to leave Manchuria, the Japanese just left the League and remained in control of Manchuria

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Results of the Manchurian Crisis

The Main results of the League were:

  • Britain and France were not willing to fully support the League in taking action against Japan
  • The League had failed to prevent agression
  • Therefore this encouraged later aggression by Italy and Germany
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