How Does Hill create sympathy for the character of Arther Kipps? 

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  • How Does Hill create sympathy for the character of Arther Kipps?
    • What Happens To Him?
      • Gets haunted by the 'Women In Black.
      • First sighting of the WIB. At the funeral of Mrs Drablow
        • Pg 53, " She was dresses in deepest black, in a style of full mourning"
      • When at Eel Marsh House, the WIB appears again.
        • Pg.75, " i glanced over at the burial ground and then i saw again the women with the wasted face."
    • How it changes him?
      • Can hear things on the marshes!
        • pg.87. " the noise of the pony and trap  grew fainter and fainter and then stopped abruptly."
        • Pg 87  "I heard another cry,a shout ,a  terrible sobbing, it was hard to decipher, but with horror i relized that it came from a child".
      • The appearance of  the WIB
        • Paralized
    • Methords
      • Word Choice.
        • Pg, 163 "Caught a glimse of someone standing"
        • Pg 89 "Was no chance of finding the pony and trap, or even its occupants.
        • Pg 91 " There was no keyhole, no bolt on the outside. For some obscure reason i became angry  with that door".
      • Personifaction
        • " Mist played tricks with sound aswell as sight".


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