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What is the narrative structure present in TWIB

The narrative structure is a frame story, which is an overarching story that contains little stories within it. It provides the background story that gives the real story an excuse to be told.

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What happens in chapter 1, Christmas Eve?

Christmas eve in the 1930`s.

Arthur kipp`s man in his fifty`s is shown to have been effected and broken from past memories that he cannot get rid of.

It is christmas eve and the children are telling ghost stories which makes Arthur Kipps feel like an outsider and uncomfortable as it is bringing back past memories.

Hill describes a idyllic family christmas.Arthur Kipps decides its about time to write about his own ghost story and his personal experieces.

Hill foreshadows that the novel is going to be a gothic horror this is shown through how Arthur kipps is and has been deeply effected by his past experiences which builds up tension and suspence for the reader. The chapter ends by foreshadowing that something big is going to happen.

Charaters in Chapter:

Esme and four step children

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What happens in chapter 2, a london Particular?

The story  opened up in the present( sometime between 1900 and 1914) and is now back into the past retelling kipps past experiences.

Arthur Kipps is a 21 year old junior solicitor who is sent to crythin Grifford by his employer, Mr Bentley,to attend the funeral of Alice Drablow and to sort out her estate and paperwork.

Hill already presents the gothic feature in how kipps describes the people in London as ghostly figures.

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What occurs in Chapter 3,the journey north?

( Monday)Arthur Kipps is now on his way to Cthyin Gifford travelling by train from London.

The names of the tunnels and cause ways such as the nine lives causeway and gapemouth tunnel create a sinsiter atmosphere He talks to Samuel Daily who lives in Crythin Gifford.

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What happens in chapter 4,the funeral of Mrs Drabl

(Tuesday -timings) Kipps attends the funeral of Alice Drablows and has his first encouter of the women in black in whom he feels sympathic towards and vulnerable.

Hill creates an air of mistery with the women in black as she disappers when Kipps tries to take a second glance at her at the funeral  and  there is an air of mistery with Alice Drablow where they leave Arthur Kipps as an outsider and isolated from the circle.

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What occurs in Chapter 6, the sound of the pony an

(Timing is Tuesday evening) Kipps hears the sound of a pony and trap sinking in the marshes and the cries of a dying child.(The women in black`s child).

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What happens in chapter 7, Mr jerome is afriad?

Arthur kipp`s rational protagonist is breaking after his second encouter with the women in black and is trying to get answers about the women in black and why he is left in the dark.

Arthur Kipps asks Mr Jerome if he can have someone to help with the paperwork.

Mr jerome reveals that he has been in a similar situation/ experience and informs kipps that he cannot help him.(wednesday)

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What happens in chapter 8, Spider?

Timing is Wednesday evening.

Kipps goes off to Mr Daily`s for dinner happy to go back to Eel Marsh house when Mr daily warns him and uncovers the town`s tragic and tortured secrets.

Mr Daily gives Arthur Kipps his dog called spider.

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What happens in chapter 9, the nursery?

Kipps returns to Eel Marsh house with his companion Spider the dog.

Kipps spends a whloe night at Eel marsh house and is awoken during the night by spider and by noises of a rocking chair coming from a open door which was before locked. I

n the door there was a child`s nursery with toys and the rocking chair. Timings- Thursday

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What happens in chapter 10, Whistle and I come to

Kipps feels the ghostly presence as he walks up the stairs and sees the open door once again locked.

He nearly drowns in his succesful attempt to save Spider. Timings is Thursday and the early hours of Friday morning.

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What happens in Chapter 11, A packet of letters?

Kipps has collaped and is revived by samuel Daily who has arrived by pony and trap.

They return to Crythin Gifford and examin Alice Drablow`s papers.

kipps visits the nursery one last time to see it destroyed which could foreshadow what is going to happen to him.

Kipps spends time recovering from what has happened (convalsensces) at Samuels Daily`s home.

Kipps reads Alice Drablow`s papers and, with the help of Daily, peices the mistery together. Stella arrives which comforts Kipp. Timings friday. 

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What happens in chapter 12, the women in black?

They marry six weeks later (1900-1914) after their return from crythin gofford and Arthur Kipps keeps in touch with Mr daily and has no intention of returning to Crythin Gifford.

Arthur Kipps has no more bussiness with Alice Drablow`s Affairs.

A year later kipps and stella have a son named Josheph Arthur Kipps and Samuel Daily is the godfather.

The women in black reappers and causes the son`s and stella`s death by pony and trap. 

The book ends abruptly as kipps can no longer carry on with the story `enough`. The story is a full circle.The ghost of Jennett Humfrye has had her revenge.

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What happens in Chapter 5, Across the Causeway?

Arthur Kipps is taken to Eel Marsh house by Keckwick on a pony and trap and sees the beautiful landscape in which the house is situated on. The timings are Tuesday afternoon.

He has yet another sightening of the women in black at the graveyard and is shaken from the experience and decides to go back inside.

After the sighting of the women in black Arthur views Eel marsh house differently from before.

Starts to walk back to crthyin Gifford and intercepts Keckwick on the way.

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