How did education change during the 1930's?

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  • How did education change during the 1930's?
    • There was a huge expanision of education both to meet the needs of the Five Year Plans and to help create new communist citizens.
    • The Revolutionary educational theories and ideas introduced after the revolution were quietly put to one side as discipline, exams, uniforms and such like were reintroduced. Preference to students of a proletarian background was dropped.
    • In 1930 primary education for all for four years was introduced. This was later extended to seven years. There was a heavy emphasis on vocational training, on science, technology and medicine.
    • In 1940 fees were introduced for Higher Education. Thousands of new places for students were created - again with a strong focus on technical and vocational studies.
    • Great emphasis was made on eliminating adult illiteracy, and on evening/after work classes for adults.
    • Cheap books - the Russian classics as well as Soviet propaganda - were published in their millions, and communist newspapers like Pravda were sold very cheaply. Every factor would have its own library.
    • School textbooks were constantly rewritten as the Purges and Show Trials took place. In 1938 one standard history textbook, apparently written by Stalin himself, had to be used.


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