How and Why is Urban Traffic Increasing?

Refers to AQA A2 Geography

World Cities Option

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  • How and why is urban traffic increasing?
    • A large urban working population
      • A high proportion of those working in urban areas live in rural or suburban areas.
        • Make journeys via. road or rail to on from their homes every day by road or rail.
      • Increasing numbers of suburb to suburb journeys.
        • As public transport was designed for suburb - town centre, these journeys have to be made by car.
      • Expanding public transport to keep pace with sub -urbanisation and counter - urbanisation proves expensive.
      • The car viewed as the most convinient transport methods.
    • Economic Growth
      • Growth in retailing and other service areas had led more service vehicles such as supermarket lorries on urban roads.
      • Freight traffic, such as delivery vans, has increased with the growth in internet shopping.
    • The growth in urban incomes
      • Earning in urban areas usually higher than in rural areas - these higher incomes allow more car ownership.
      • Incomes have risen faster than car prices, leading to multiple car ownership in many families.
    • A growth in the number of journeys
      • As car ownership increases, so does the number of journeys people make in them.
      • Fall in public transport use as more people own cars.
      • Extra journeys due to increased car ownsership often for leisure purposes.


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