WATER - Physical and Economic water scarcity

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  • Physical and Economic water scarcity
    • Physical
      • occurs when more than 75% of a country's blue water flows are being used.
        • currently applies to 25% of world population.
          • Middle East and North Africa, China, W.USA and southeast Australia.
    • Economic
      • where the use of blue water is limited
        • this is due to a lack of capital, technology and good governance.
          • 1 billion people do not have access to blue water due to poverty
      • due to; a lack of precipitation +
        • a lack of money needed to harness blue water in demand
    • Safe water is a human right, but in the 21st century is seen as a commodity people pay for.
      • WaterAid - helps to reduce water scarcity
    • Agriculture
      • 20% of worlds land under full irrigation (30% of this comes from dams & canals) and aquifers.
        • China, Pakistan india and USA has groundwater depletion.
    • Industry and Energy
      • 20% of all freshwater withdrawals are for industry (HEP)
    • Domestic use
      • stop the spread of disease using safe water. (cholera, Malaria and typhoid).


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