How water supply is linked to development- Water poverty index

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  • How water supply is linked to development- Water poverty index
    • Water insecurity means not having access to sufficient, safe water. Around 20 developing countries are classified as 'water scarce' Water scarce occurs for 2 main reasons:
      • 1. Physical scarcity- shortages occur because demand exceeds supply
      • 2. Economic scarcity- people cannot afford water, even when it is readily available
    • Water poverty index
      • Was  established in 2002 and uses 5 parameters:
        • Resources
          • The quantity of surface and groundwater per person, and its quality
        • Access
          • The time and distance involved on obtaining sufficient and safe water
        • Capacity
          • How well the community manages its water
        • Use
          • How economically water is used in the home and by agriculture and industry
        • Environment
          • Ecological sustainability (green water- freshwater taken from rainwater stores in the soil as soil moisture
    • How water links to poverty:
      • 1.Lack of water hampers attempts to reduce poverty and encourage development
      • 2.Improved water supply can increase food production, bring better health and provide better standards of wellbeing


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