Global Imbalance and Global Water Crisis

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  • Global imbalance and global water crisis
    • Is there enough water for everyone?
      • Who consumes all the water?
        • Farming uses 70% of all water and in some LEDC's this can be 90%
        • Daily domestic water use: UK: 330 litres, US: 550 litres Africa: 47 litres and Asia: 90 litre
      • A world water gap exists between the haves and have-nots as wealthy nations consume more
      • 1.4 billion lack clean drinking water
      • 12% of the worlds population consumes 85% of the worlds water
    • Stress and scarcity
      • Water stress occurs when the demand for water exceeds the amount available during a certain period - less than 1000 m3 per capita per year
      • Water scarcity is the lack of sufficient water to meet the demand of a region
        • Physical: when shortages occur because demand exceeds supply
        • Economic: exists when people simply cannot afford water, even if its available
    • Global warming
      • The general wamring of the earth is limitng precipitation in areas, increasing desertification in others and drying up water supplies and groundwater supplies
    • Crisis
      • Helath
        • One of the MDG is to halve those who dont have access to safe drinking water by 2015
        • The WHO introduced the International Year of Sanitation to raise awareness and also encourage more rights for women to improve social inclusion
      • Political
        • The Central African Republic (CAR) demonstrates how chnage in the political situation can threaten water security
          • Civil wars in the areas mean people drink for polluted water sources or are unable to gain access to them
            • The CAR half of infant deaths is caused by poor sanitation
      • Quality
        • Manufacturing is not the only source of pollution, farming can too
          • 40% of the worlds food comes from irrigation land and irrigation leads to problems with salinity and waterlogging


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